SMART Snake & Spider Bite Bandage

SMART Snake & Spider Bite Bandage

The innovative Smart Bandage uses a clever pictogram to show users how to achieve the correct tension which is essential when applying a pressure immobilisation bandage, especially for snake bites.

Snakes and spiders are such a common occurrence in Australia that one would think they become just another part of life. However for some people, no matter how much exposure they have to snakes and spiders, they’ll forever remain frightened. Whilst snakes and spiders may install fear in some, we believe that an actual bite is truly terrifying.

Knowing how to react and apply correct first aid immediately can be the difference between life and death. In a stressful situation you never want to have any doubt about how to respond to a life threatening event. Survival Emergency Solutions have teamed up with SSSafe to create the most versatile snake bandage that the market has even seen. This is a huge innovation. We aim to ensure even the layman is prepared for an emergency!


What is the SMART bandage?

The SMART snake bandage makes sense. It uses a clever pictogram to show users how to achieve optimal tension. It starts off as a rectangle and when you have reached the optimal tension, the pictogram will show a square.

The graphics on the bandage help keep you calm during an emergency as it shows when optimal tension is reached.


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SMART Snake & Spider Bite Bandage