Chest pain

Chest pain

For all medical emergencies dial Triple Zero (000) immediately and ask for Ambulance

Heart and blood vessel disease is the leading cause of death in Australia. The following information will help you to recognise the signs of a heart attack and obtain life-saving medical assistance.

For a suspected heart attack it is vitally important to dial Triple Zero (000) immediately and ask for Ambulance.

Recognising the WARNING signs

Statistics show that heart and blood vessel disease kills twice as many people as breast cancer and lung cancer combined.
Many of the deaths resulting from cardiac disease could be avoided through recognition of warning signs. The message is simple—all chest pains should be investigated.
Often, one of the first warning signs is a severe pain or crushing sensation in the chest, which lasts more than 10-15 minutes. The pain may radiate to the shoulders, neck or arms and may make breathing difficult.

Many people ignore the warning signs and often wait to see if the pain eases.

Delays in treating a heart attack can significantly reduce quality of life and even chances of survival.

Paramedics are highly trained and have the necessary drugs and equipment to commence immediate treatment.

Chest pain and cardiac complaints are the most common medical cases attended by paramedics.


First aid courses

Australia First Aid Services encourages everyone to learn first aid particularly if you are regularly involved in outdoor activities. This can give you the confidence to assist when someone is injured or ill. To enrol in a first aid course contact us on 1300 845 477


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For all medical emergencies dial Triple Zero (000) immediately and ask for Ambulance